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28 to Make: Day Two

This post is part of a series called 28 to Make, daily creative exercises provided by CreativeLive. See all the finished projects on Instagram under #28ToMake.

Day 2: Draw A Houseplant

I find it absolutely hilarious that CreativeLive thinks I can keep a houseplant alive. I can’t. Well, I kind of can, but my apartment only gets about 5 minutes of sun a day at 5:30 pm, so it’s REALLY difficult. I kept a succulent alive for close to a year once, but I had to turn a lamp on for it every day. So my houseplant is fake.

Drawing of a plastic bonsai tree.

I had trouble getting my perspective right on this one. Perspective is always troublesome for me. Practice makes perfect, though, right? I didn’t spend too long on this one. I noticed that we are only supposed to spend about 20 minutes on this stuff anyway. Just create and move on. That’s how I like it, mostly.

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