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28 to Make: Day Seven

This post is part of a series called 28 to Make, daily creative exercises provided by CreativeLive. See all the finished projects on Instagram under #28ToMake.

Day 7: Do Nothing

Today’s project is to rest and do nothing. However, CreativeLive included some reflection questions about the process. I decided to answer one of them here.

If you had an extra hour to focus on any one of this week’s projects, which one would you pick? Why?

Drawing of the Green Day album, American Idiot.I would probably spend more time on the album art project. In fact, when I was making it, I started over three times. It’s a case of the perfectionist in me. I was getting so irritated that I couldn’t get the proportions right. Maybe because I was copying another drawing. And it really upset me that my letters didn’t come out in a straight line. I don’t know if I was coming at the paper from an angle or what. I guess I could have put some guide lines in. I was really wishing I was in Adobe Illustrator when I was making that. So much easier to manipulate digital points then try to recreate something manually. But I guess that’s why I’m doing this series. Trying to get better at drawing and making and creating. Practice makes perfect! Or at least practice makes you less likely to throw your sketchbook across the room in a flood of tears because you can’t get the angle of the line right.

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