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28 to Make: Day Eleven

This post is part of a series called 28 to Make, daily creative exercises provided by CreativeLive. See all the finished projects on Instagram under #28ToMake.

Day 11: Photo Doodles

The idea of this exercise is to take a photo and add to it by drawing. I did this entirely in Photoshop.



I took WAY too long to do this. I made the Ferris wheel first, which is probably why. My OCD kicked in as I tried to make it with shapes and lines. I made the kissing booth next, using some shapes for that, but then switching to a brush for the lettering. The tent was last and I used the brush for all of it.

Stepping back, I wish all the doodles looked like the tent. It’s not perfect, but it feels more fun. I thought about starting over, but I had already spent so much time that I thought I would chalk it up to a learning experience.

That tent feels like me. It feels like something I made. Everything else feels like something Photoshop made. And this whole process is about my creations, not what a software program can do. Have any of you relied too much on software when creating? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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