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28 to Make: Day Fifteen

This post is part of a series called 28 to Make, daily creative exercises provided by CreativeLive. See all the finished projects on Instagram under #28ToMake.

Day 15: Mind Map

Today’s exercise is to make a mind map. I never thought of a mind map as a creative project, but I guess it can. I made this as a way to visualize some ideas for a birthday trip. My birthday is coming up at the end of the month and I’ve decided to take some time off work to celebrate.

Mind map of ideas for a birthday trip.

I have only ever made mind maps in school and I never liked them. Mostly I just did it because it was an assignment and I had to. So I wasn’t really excited about this project. Still not too excited, but I will admit that it helped me to look at my choices in a visual way instead of just thinking through them like I normally do.

I found that it helped my decision-making process too, because after making the mind map and looking at it, I found myself naturally drawn to the idea that I most liked.

So, I won’t spoil the surprise of which idea I chose, but check back at the end of the month and I’ll blog all about it. (Hint: I’m not staying home.)

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