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28 to Make: Day Twenty-Six

This post is part of a series called 28 to Make, daily creative exercises provided by CreativeLive. See all the finished projects on Instagram under #28ToMake.

Day 26: Hand-Lettered Quote

I love this quote. I think it’s from Dr. Seuss.

Hand-lettered quote, "Why are you trying to fit in when you are born to stand out."

I am not good at hand lettering. I really need to practice. You can see all my pencil marks and erasing. I thought about trying to clean this up in Photoshop, but that kinda defeats the purpose, right? Anyway, I always love hand-lettered things and wish I was better at it. I think I might try to learn some calligraphy, which I’ve heard is the first step to good lettering.

I also tried using my pastels wet for this project. I wasn’t impressed. However, I think it might look better on some watercolor paper. I was hoping for a more intense look. Maybe I didn’t use enough pastels?

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