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28 to Make: Day Twenty-Seven

This post is part of a series called 28 to Make, daily creative exercises provided by CreativeLive. See all the finished projects on Instagram under #28ToMake.

Day 27: People-Watching Mad Lib (NYC Edition)

Rules for the mad libs again: Observe and find one noun, one adverb, one adjective, and one verb. Make a sentence. BTW, I painted this one with nail polish. 😀

The fabulous wine bottle charged ironically.

I don’t normally explain these mad libs, but since I was in New York for this one, I’ll let you in on the secrets. I’m from East Tennessee, so the big city can be kind of crazy to a Southern girl like me. You just don’t see this stuff where I’m from.

Fabulous: This word describes one of the cast members from Chicago the Musical. A beautiful blonde, Angel Reda lit up the stage. She had attitude and unstoppable energy. And, as I waited at the stage door to meet Eddie George, she left wearing the most striking hat and coat, looking like she just stepped off the page of a magazine. NYC fab at it’s best.

Wine Bottle: I took a lunch break at Shake Shack (best burger ever!) and while I was eating, a man and his wife sat at my shared table. His tray had a full bottle of wine on it. And he and his wife drank wine while they ate their burgers. At a fast food joint. So weird.

Charged: Midway through my full day in the city, my phone was losing it’s charge quickly. In my search for an outlet to plug into and recharge, I came across a kiosk for MobileQubes, portable chargers for your devices available to rent for $5 a day. Brilliant. Without it, I wouldn’t have gotten my picture with Eddie George, and I’d be really sad right now.

Ironically: This was the funniest thing I saw my whole trip. An Asian girl about 18-22 wearing one of those Straight Outta Compton parody shirts. This one said “Straight Outta the Rice Fields.” I laughed out loud. Wish I’d gotten a picture.

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